A graying, drinking class writer, Michael DiGregorio’s freelance career began in 1992.


With Hustler impresario Larry Flynt in the role of co-publisher, DiGregorio created Far Out! Magazine, a quarterly publication that flared like a supernova across the national psyche from 1992-94.

The aforementioned cult hit helped to inspire the paranormal explosion; one that came to settle deeply into mainstream culture, evident in the success of fictional programs like “The X-files”, not to mention reality programming like “Ancient Aliens” and “Chasing UFOs.”

DiGregorio subsequently became something of an on-screen irregular regular with the first wave of UFO reality shows, such as “Sightings” and “In Search Of”.

At the same time, he wrote and produced segments for A&E, Discovery Channel and Fox on Air Force/CIA black projects, and more specifically, the Area-51/Dreamland test facility.

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_MdG_deva.bioIn 2002, DiGregorio’s cover story in The Los Angeles Times inspired an award-winning documentary feature film called Scrapper, (www.scrapperfilm.comIMDB Link ) an expose of an outlaw survivalist subculture. In 2012, a re-edited/renamed version, “of bombs and men” aired extensively in Europe.

Critical Judgement: Canada’s Northern Lights Journalism award, 2000, in National Parks and Historic Sites category (for Men’s Fitness feature, titled “Walk across The Rooftops”)

Published in: Adventure Cyclist, Backpacker, Bicycling, Bike, Canoe & Kayak, FHM (Netherlands/UK), Flex, Get Active, Hooked on the Outdoors, Irish Independent, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Men’s Fitness (Russia/UK/US), Mother Jones, Mountain Bike, Muscle & Fitness, Paddler, Paved, Penthouse (Australia/US), Physical, Playboy (Italy/Japan/Poland), Powder, San Diego Reader, San Francisco Examiner, Shape, Spin, Spray (France), Summit, 944 Magazine (Las Vegas)

Catalog writing/PR for: Escape Adventures (Las Vegas), The Fairmont Resort chain, Gary Fisher/Trek Cycles, Swobo Clothing,, Telluride (Colorado) Farmer’s Market/Front-Range Regional co-op/NGO

Script writer/editor with Great Basin Productions: Discover Northern Nevada outdoor/destination marketing film (2005); Elko County School District educator recruitment film (2006); industrial energy efficiency (IEE) film, Great Basin College (2008)

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Sleeping with Snakes: Notes from the Los Angeles Underbelly
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